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A Man of Vision

Everything started with a strong vision to the man who once made history. Ambassador Amable R. Aguiluz V saw what others did not and immortalized his name when he pioneered the Information Technology (IT) education in the Philippines, making him the country’s Father of Computer Education.

(Page 1) Published in Lifestyle Asia magazine October 2013 issue (Advertorial) in pages 154-155.

(Page 1) Published in Lifestyle Asia magazine October 2013 issue (Advertorial) in pages 154-155.

(Page 2) Published in Lifestyle Asia magazine October 2013 issue (Advertorial) in pages 154-155.

(Page 2) Published in Lifestyle Asia magazine October 2013 issue (Advertorial) in pages 154-155.













His vision of the Philippines as the world’s premier source of highly competent computer professionals prompted him to provide high quality IT education to Filipinos through Institute of Computer Studies, currently AMA Education System (AMAES). From its humble beginning of 13 students, AMAES is now Asia’s largest educational network with over 200 campuses worldwide and an annual student population of 150,000. Its main school, AMA Computer University, is also the first and largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) university in the said continent.

AMAES has expanded its portfolio by establishing AMA Computer Learning Center, ABE International Business School, St. Augustine School of Nursing, Delta Air International Aviation Academy, and AMA International University in Bahrain. It has also extended its reach through foreign campuses located in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Guam, Singapore, and Los Angeles, California.

At present, Aguiluz is serving as the President’s Special Envoy to the Gulf Cooperation Council.  He has also received notable recognitions, including the Medallion of Bahrain, the President’s Medal of Merit, Canada Business Award and the Agora Award.

“I wouldn’t have done all these without the inspiration provided by my mentor,” said Aguiluz as he recounted the priceless lessons he has learned from his late father Amable M. Aguiluz, Sr. “My father taught me what it means to be successful. He helped me realize that to reach your dream and make it big, one must practice integrity, honesty, and hardwork.”

The Vision Continues with The Philippines’ Tallest Residential Tower

His propensity to envision allowed Aguiluz to venture into another industry—real estate. “Real estate is nothing new to me. It has been in my heart since day one,” said Aguiluz. “Our schools were built with concrete blocks, and our experience in establishing them widened our knowledge and appreciation of the property and construction sectors.”

Through Picar Development, Inc., Aguiluz continues to break grounds and make records in the local real estate scene. In fact, its flagship project, Picar Place along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City—the newest cosmopolitan hub for high-end residential living and global hospitality, is home to the tallest residential tower in the Philippines. This is The Stratford Residences.

Rising at 74 floors of premium residential units, The Stratford Residences is Picar’s most iconic residential project to date. Its unique curvilinear design has captured the attention of BCI Asia—one of the country’s leading construction information service providers—and was recognized as one of its top featured designs in 2009. The project also made it to the international scene when it was featured at the viewing deck display of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2012 together with other iconic landmarks all over the world.

The Stratford Residences is more than just its towering height and cutting-edge architecture. It is an intelligent residential building masterplanned with state-of-the-art communication, energy, and security features. “Our extensive knowledge in ICT helped us make The Stratford Residences a technologically-enhanced development that meets the global standards in terms of amenities, aesthetics and services.”

More than its basic amenities such as adult and kiddie pools, day care center and playgrounds, a gym, a beauty salon, a lanai area, a music library, and a mini theatre, The Stratford Residences offers intelligent innovations engineered with Cisco Systems, a worldwide networking product and service developer.

Also referred as the 12 value-added services, these Cisco-powered features aim to give a new definition of luxurious city living by providing the utmost comfort and security. These are smart home technology, child-locating transponders, virtual attendants, hands-free shopping service, smart work center, multi-function smart card, virtual concierge, smart kiosks, triple play, intelligent building system management, integrated safety and security features, and digital signage.

“As the country’s tallest residential tower, The Stratford Residences is being built with integrity, hardwork and credible reputation,” shared Aguiluz. “More importantly, The Stratford Residences was founded with one strong vision. That’s the vision of greater things.”